Managing Project Permissions for Users

Users or User Groups can be assigned View, Add, Edit, Delete or Project Manager permissions for a Project in ESdat.  This enables data to be kept secure so it is accessed only by staff who have a need to access it.

Some organisations find managing these permissions to be burdensome, and hence provide large numbers of their staff with "Admin" access.  However assigning staff Admin access gives them more permissions than may be desirable. A better option is to assign these staff to the "Scheduler" Role and make use of the Project Management permission against each Project.

The "Scheduler" Role in ESdat allows someone to create new Projects, and to assign View and Add permissions to any Project (unless a Project is set as restricted).  Someone in a Scheduler role wont be able to assign Edit and Delete permissions for Projects unless they are also a "Project Manager" for the Project.  The reasoning for this is that Edit and Delete permissions are generally of higher potential impact on project data integrity, and there is a lower use case for users needing these permissions.  Users with Add but without Edit/Delete permissions can still Edit/Delete data they have themselves added, (at least until that data is reviewed and approved) but can't Edit/Delete data added by others.

A User in the Scheduler role will be automatically set as a Project Manager for a Project when they create one.  They can then add other  Users/User Groups as a Project Manager if needed, or can retain just themselves in this role and allocate Edit/Delete permissions on an as-required basis.

Anyone who is specified as a Project Manager for a Project will be able to assign the full suite of View, Add, Edit, Delete and Project Management permissions to other users or user groups for that Project.Type your content here.