Data Migration Manager - Editing

Edit allows you to modify existing Project data in bulk.   You must have View and Edit Project Permissions to the data you wish to Edit (or Delete if you wish to delete data).

If you have imported historical data you can modify the Import template containing the data and select "Update".   However, generally editing is done from within the "View and Edit" menu, which is described below.

All ESdat data tables are listed in a drop-down from which the user can select.



Data can be filtered on site or project and further filtering can be done on field parameters.  There is an option to export data to Excel, which can be edited offline and then uploaded using the Import functionality.




Double click a cell to update the values by typing or pasting copied data. A context menu for editing is available by right clicking on any cell.


To use Copy Down the range to copy the value into must first be selected.  





Greyed out fields are either unique keys or system generated data which cannot be edited. All other (white) fields can be modified by either typing your value, using the drop-down lists, or filling down.  There is no Save button and changes are committed immediately.