Lab Report Details and Samples

On the Details screen of your Lab Report you will be able to assign sample information that may not come from the laboratory. These details may include:

  • Sample Location
  • Well (ie Piezometer)
  • Sample Depth From / To
  • QA Type such as Duplicates, Trip/Field Blanks, Rinsates, Trip Spikes
  • Sampling Method

The Lab Report can also be Approved, or Rejected, with comments applied.



Field ID referes to the Sample Identifier included on the COC sent to the Laboratory.  

Fully Automated Workflow

If the Sample details are entered into the ESdat Field App or PLog and an Electronical Chain of Custody is sent to the laboratory then all Sample Details (Location, Depth, QA and other details) will be automatically set on the samples when the Laboratory Report is being imported.

Still using paper for field data collection?

If you are using paper or other forms of field data collection ESdat can still automate the identification of sample details.  ESdat can compare known Field ID formats against Location Codes and Wells already in ESdat and automatically assign Location, Well and Depth information for the Sample.  Automated assigning of this information will only occur when there is no ambiguity or potential for mis-allocation.

Supported formats are below and use a "/" or a "_" to seperate the different kinds of data:


  • BH12/1.1-1.3
  • BH12/1.1              
  • BH12_1.1-1.3


  • BH12/1 Jan 2021
  • BH12/01.01.2021
  • BH12_20210101

Location/Depth/Date or Location/Date/Depth

  • BH12/1.1-1.3/12 Feb 08
  • BH12/12.02.08/1.1-1.3        
  • BH12_1.1-1.3_12.02.08

Dates can be included in the Field ID, but are not extracted as sampling dates are provided specifically with the lab data files.


  • MW01A_1 Jan 15
  • MW01A_20150101
  • MW01A_20/07/2017


If a Location and other details has not been automatically determined users can manually assign Locations either in bulk or individually.

The Assign tool also allows you to re-estimate the Location and Well from the samples' Field ID after a Lab Report has been imported.  It will also flag potential new locations/wells and allow you to easily create them.